Ludrukafaren’s full name is Khazâd-lûdrûkafâren-ish-ged-en-mornlûdrûkar which directly translates to: Dwarven Earth City that Battles the Tomb.

The Goblin infestation of [[Ludrukafaren#Marnak Burg|Marnak Burg]] has been officially declared over and despite the reclaiming of the Burg, the occasional Goblin can be spotted lurking in the shadows. There exists a reward for any killed Goblin within the city limits of 2 silver provided the head is brought in for inspection.

Major Burgs

Ludrukafaren is made up of 5 Burgs – or sub-sections – each with their own Burgomeister that governs. The Burgs within Ludrukafaren are as follows:

Aur Burg

Aur Burg is one of the oldest Burgs in Ludrukafaren and is home to the merchant district.

Brugomeister: Granan Dwelvemight (Male Dwarf)


  • Population: ~7,400
  • Aur Burg used to be the ‘capital’ Burg in Ludrukafaren
  • Aur means Gold in Dwarven.

Telormar Burg

Brugomeister: Breatra Ironshield (Female Dwarf)


  • Telormar means forge in Dwarven.

Dormark Burg

Brugomeister: Yori Orin (Male Dwarf)


  • Dormark means anvil in Dwarven.

Mal Burg

Burgomeister: High Priest Ianward Arroway (Male Human)


  • Mal means true in Dwarven.

Elaug Olvir Burg

Burgomeister: Alaunaste Noqurdon (Female Drow Matriarch)


  • Elaug Olvir means Drow Haven in Drow.
  • Often called Mag Burg by some out of earshot of the Drow…Mag means ‘Black’ in Dwarven.

Minor Burgs

In addition to the major burgs, the city does have a number of minor Burgs that abut the major city; some closer than others. These burgs do not contain a Burgomeister, but do have representatives for the City Council.

Gurn Burg


  • Gurn means green in Dwarven

Marnak Burg


  • Marnak means rune in Dwarven

Rice Burg

This Burg has direct oversight by [[Ludrukafaren#Mal Burg|Mal Burg]] and produces much of the foodstuffs for the city.


  • Rice Burg is one of the few burgs in the city that are Human named.

Velke Burg

  • Water Burg





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